About Art by an AI

What is it?

Art by an AI is a daily competition. Anyone can submit a prompt to the competition and anyone can vote-up or vote-down other prompts.

At 12:00 UTC every day the top 10 prompts are given to Alice the AI to generate images for each of them.

Then, for the next 24 hours, the art is displayed on the front page and available for purchase as a print (poster or canvas). After that, the art disappears forever!


How are the images created?

Alice is an AI that uses VQGAN+CLIP to generate the top 10 images each day. Here is an introduction to VQGAN+CLIP by Katherine Crowson. Credits to the entire AI Art community for discovering, developing, and iterating on the art generation methods. And especially @advadnoun who originated the VQGAN+CLIP combination.

Can I buy the artwork?

Yes! Each image generated is available as as print as either a canvas or a poster. Unfortunately, some of the pieces will not work well with our upsampling algorithm, meaning that the final print won't look the same as the initial image. Therefore, we will refuse to sell prints of artwork affected by this issue.

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